Warcraft Trailer – 6/11/2015

This evening, the Warcraft trailer finally dropped. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll place a link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rxoz13Bthc 

Let me get this out first – I really liked the game. Though I am poor, for the brief amount of time I got to play World of Warcraft, I loved it. I loved the world, the races, the quests, the stories. However, I am not as well versed in the world as others would be. So no doubt, people will find my opinion potentially flawed.

But I am really excited for this film.

The director, Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie… That has no relevance, I just really enjoy pointing that out to people because to me, that’s fucking amazing), seems to have kept the look of the Orcs that Blizzard had created many years ago. The obvious CGI look of them doesn’t bother me as much as it did in The Hobbit.

There seems to be an interesting story arc as well, from what I could see of the trailer, not just ‘Man vs Orc’. It shows Man and Orc forming an alliance, that seems to be weary in the film and no doubt ends in bloodshed from both sides, the epic conclusion probably being them becoming enemies once more. The King certainly doesn’t like Orcs, anyway.

The only thing I am truly doubting, is the possible Man and Orc romance that is touched upon in the trailer. I don’t know if it’s even something that is happening. I could be seeing something that isn’t there. But it seems to be implied. I’m not too fussed about it being a thing; there was always going to be some kind of a romance storyline, most of the time there is.

My only thing is; why make only one sexy Orc? Why not make some of them sexy, some of them not? Or be consistent, and y’know, keep to what the original characters looked like. If you’re going to make one sexy Orc, then we know what she’s there for; probably for a romance arc.

Again, there may be nothing there. I may be reading too much into the only non-CGI Orc. Who knows?

My only other concern is Dominic Cooper. He’s never been the most consistent actor, and I’m worried he’s going to be one of the most noticeable flaws.

But I’m pre-judging. He could be fucking amazing for all I know

The battles, though the clips shown were brief, look epic. It looks violent enough for what a Warcraft film should be. Honestly, I’m sure a lot of people had their doubts about this film, but it’s quite possible that Duncan Jones could pull this off. 2016 is shaping up to be a really exciting year for film, and I really believe this one of the ones to look out for.

All in all, I’m really looking forward to this film. I feel like it could be pulled off in an epic way, perhaps making room for it to be a franchise. I’m just trying my best to not be too excited, knowing how easily this film could be messed up. My own high expectations could ruin the film for me.

The next trailer should hopefully be released some time in the next year, shedding more light on the film. So far though, if the initial trailer has caused some excitement, there’s every chance the next one could be just as amazing.

If you have any thoughts on the trailer, let me know below!



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