Suicide Squad Trailer – 20/1/16





To preface this, I just want to say that I am not a big DC fan. I feel like they put a dampener on things, and as an already miserable person, I need the brightness and jokes put in a Marvel film to make it through. Plus, with a DC film, everything is so dark that I think sometimes they forget to hire a lighting guy.

Suicide Squad though looks like it could be actual fun. A film where the villains get to run wild, saving the world but fucking shit up? Oh my god, yes.

I’ve watched Arrow in the past, where they have done their own Suicide Squad. Honestly, they did it well. They didn’t have Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn guys! She’s in an actual film!), though Tara Strong did make a voice cameo for her, but they had their own Deadshot, played by Michael Rowe. Whilst it wasn’t a fully fleshed out Squad, Deadshot was still the strongest character and very well acted in my opinion. This could be the reason why I’m so uncertain about Will Smith’s Deadshot. Even upon hearing it, I was a bit ‘Really?’. This could be because, quite simply, I’m a little biased towards Smith. I’ve never really enjoyed the more serious side of him, always finding him ‘Meh’ whenever he tries to be that action hero.

(After Earth Smith is probably the worst Smith we’re going to get. He can’t be any worse than that)

That said, he doesn’t seem to be playing that sort of character. He’s got that dark humour, intense leader vibe going on. He isn’t necessarily an action hero (or villain) in this film. There seems to have an air of mystery around this character.  Plus, he looks really cool. He could be voice of cool in this gang of rascals.

The Joker, Leto’s Joker, seems to be more manic than before. Full on crazy. That laugh. That laugh is going to haunt me. Everyone has Heath Ledger’s character etched in their brain, that obviously it was going to be difficult to even match his performance, let alone surpass it. Leto seems to have crazy Joker down. Less subtle than Ledger, but that gives him a lot more Joker to play with.

That sounded grosser than I wanted it to.

The main character I’m interested in, is Harley Quinn. This is really the first time she’s been placed into a film. There’s a worry that David Ayer could have made her simply someone to look at, rather than the badass crazy lady she is. There’s a worry she could be less violent. There’s a worry that this film representation of her is just going to ruin the character, much like the same worry others have about Leto’s Joker. But I can’t help but hope that Margot Robbie has got in the bag. If she has, which I really think she has (the look, the dialogue, the baseball bat), then there’s always the chance of Quinn having her own film.

I mean, it’s a slim chance. Very slim. Maybe it’s my own dream. DC have only just got out of their Batman/Superman rut, and given the Justice League their own film. Whilst it would be interesting to give each of the Suicide Squad their own film, I doubt DC would take that risk.

The absolute best part though?


Can’t help but sing along to that classic bad boy. Not only that, but hearing the gunshots coincide with the music was just absolute beauty.

There’s so much action, humour, fights and bullets flying around – I’m so excited to see this film. I can’t help but be. A DC film where people are sad, but they don’t bang on about it. Thank the fucking lord.

I really hope that my excitement has set an incredibly high standard for this film that it can’t reach. If it’s a disappointment, I don’t think I’d ever venture over to the DC side for another century.

Come on guys. Don’t suck.

Watch the trailer here

(also, take note of Joker holding Quinn. It’ll be great to see their ‘complicated’ relationship explored in this film, and perhaps any future films. Last thought, I’m gone).