Captain America: Civil War Trailer – 10/03/2016

There is so much to talk about, I have no idea where to begin.

Do I talk about Black Panther first? Ant-Man? The Iron Man vs Captain America feud? SPIDEY?! 

Oh god, I have goosebumps. My heart is having palpitations.

Let’s start from the beginning.

This film, from the looks of this trailer, still looks amazing. I am so glad that it features more than just Iron Man and Captain America throwing punches and insults at each other. Black Panther looks amazing. He said no words but his fight scenes look like they’re gonna be amazing – I’m hoping he’s going to stand out a lot, not only for the purpose of showcasing a great character, but also so people are aware and prepared for his stand alone film (featuring Andy Serkis, who I have to talk about as often as possible).

The interesting point for me though, is how they’re going to resolve this, or at least have Steve and Tony (they sound so normal) on the same page in time for Avengers: Infinity War 1 & 2. Will they continue to be on opposing sides until Thanos makes an appearance? How will Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy fit into all of it? Obviously now they have Spiderman, so hopefully he’ll be used on the Avengers or at least featured in the films. I’m guessing most of those featured in this film, will be in future Avenger films or the individual Avengers stand alone films. I’m curious as to how everything will all come together, and the plan Marvel has. I’m fucking excited too, this is a plan that has been in the making for a long time.

The plot itself, for this film, looks really interesting too. Steve has, for the most part, begin to doubt the government he believed in, in the 1940s. This is probably his breaking point in terms of politics. Tony’s alliance with the idea that superheroes should be controlled rather than allowed to do whatever the hell they want, is slightly surprising given his personality. But honestly, I know there will be flaws, there is no perfect film (unless you count Casablanca which everyone in the world thinks has the most perfect script), but I’m so certain that Marvel is going to pull it off.

In all truthfulness, Captain America was always pretty ‘meh’ to me. Nothing about him appealed to me, but recently, since Winter Soldier, he’s got to be more and more interesting. The internal conflicts he faces and the struggles to believe the government and the adapting to the new ways – he’s evolved to be a great character, and I’m hoping that in this film he’ll come full circle.

The rumour of Hulk appearing has not been confirmed, but I love the Hulk and I really, really hope he does.

But you don’t care about that.

I know what you wanna talk about.



It’s such a brief appearance. He literally swings in, grabs Cap’s shield and says hi. That is it. But Marvel are such flirts, such teases, that is literally enough to satisfy any curiosity we might have.

Spiderman is in it. He’s seemingly on Iron Man’s side. He seems pretty funny, even though he just swung in and said hi, somehow that’s still funny. 

And yet, it asks more questions.

How long has he been Spiderman? Is Uncle Ben dead already? Will his own film not be an origin story for once? Is Aunt May going to be in this, trying to solve the situation with cookies?

This film looks intense, the fight scenes look amazing (tiny Ant-man flying through the air is gonna be fun to watch. Plus Paul Rudd and Robert Downey Jr together? They might have a quip off), the music sounds incredible, the plot itself looks simple enough to keep our attention but mysterious enough to keep us guessing.

Maybe it’s bias, maybe it’s love. But I am really looking forward to watching this film. Less than two months to go.

Get your countdown clocks ready.


Heh. See what I did there? I’m so funny.

For those of you who still haven’t watched it, you can watch it here

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments!



P.s, imagine if Deadpool was there. Imagine the quip off then. 




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