About Me


So, here is the thing. I have attempted to write a blog so many times in the past, and my laziness/procrastination has always got in the way. My idea here is to write as much as I can about films everyday, building a portfolio and writing so I get used to it.

I’m an English Literature and Creative Writing student, and ideally, I’d be writing every day. But I don’t. But I’m going to give it a damn good try!

There’s always film news, but on days I don’t feel like writing film news, I will either write a rant, (ranting is one of special skills), or reviewing a film I have on DVD if I haven’t gone to the cinema for the first times.

Other times, if nothing else, I’ll just blog about my day and whatever books I am reading at the time. My first literature blog will about Kill Your Friends, which is relevant, given that it’s a film that’s coming out.

Basically, this is me trying to write about things I am passionate about and about my terribly boring days.

(This biggest issue I have is ending these blogs. I don’t have a sign off. I will sign off now.)

Thank you for reading this terrible introduction!